Ocala – The Art of Community

Ocala — The Art of Community Book Is Here!

Limited Supply Now Available at Brick City Center for the Arts

This stunning publishing achievement is now available for purchase at Brick City Center for the Arts.

This is the ONE BOOK you will want to own and proudly display at your home or business. Ocala-The Art of Community makes a great gift for friends or clients.

Months in the making, Ocala—The Art of Community celebrates one of the great places in the country to live. In the pages of this 240-page coffee-table book, stunning new photography captures Ocala’s vibrancy and chronicles how our community lives, works, and thrives.

Ocala/Marion County Comes Alive. Stunning photography shows you the corners of Ocala and Marion County you love and perhaps even places and events you never knew about. From neighborhoods and downtown to recreation and natural resources to delightful gems off the beaten path, Ocala comes alive in the pages of Ocala—The Art of Community.

Ocala—The Art of Community tells our story—our livability and charm—our way of life. This is the ONE BOOK to proudly display on your coffee table.

The book is $48.95 plus tax. MCA will offer a 10% discount for purchases 10+.