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From left, Dr. Jim Henningsen, CF president; Jaye Baillie, executive director of the Marion Cultural Alliance; donor Irene McCracken; Laurie Zink, MCA board member and Horse Fever co-chair; and Chris Knife, vice president of Development and CEO of the CF Foundation.

Valerie Dailey, Showcase Property of Central Florida “Conversations of Hope”


OCALA, FL (Sept. 30, 2021) — The College of Central Florida and Marion Cultural Alliance celebrated the addition of Sunny Daze to the CF Vintage Farm Campus on Sept. 29.


Ronda Richley painted the sunflower-themed horse sculpture as part of the Marion Cultural Alliance Horse Fever 20/20 project that benefited local artists and art groups. She painted Sunny Daze during the pandemic and said at the celebration that the horse symbolizes “happiness, peace and tranquility.”


Irene McCracken, a local benefactor and art enthusiast, gifted the horse to CF. “Education is the cornerstone of the future and I donate this piece with love and great hope that for years to come it will be a warm welcome to the staff, students and everyone who comes to share and enjoy this special place.”

The Giving Collection: In Memory of Dick Hancock, Horse Fever Champion


The Raffle Tickets Were Drawn June 4, 2021 at 6 pm. Congratulations to:


  • Katherine Guida, Critters will be installed at Ocala Downs
  • Rick Rowan, Home Sweet Home will be installed at Ocala Preserve
  • Irene McCracken, Sunny Daze. Location To Be Determined.


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Horse Fever Rides Again


With The Introduction of the Fourth Herd


It has been 20 years since Ocala’s record-breaking public art project and auction, Horse Fever. For five months the public delighted in our herd of 53 horses, many of which still adorn the streets of Ocala. Artists and a generous business community came together to ultimately raise over $1.5 million for the arts and 27 other local charities, founding the Marion Cultural Alliance (MCA). We proudly reflect on a 20-year period of growth and consistent support through programming, grants, and scholarships enhancing art and cultural programs across every medium in Ocala/Marion County.


Horse Fever History


The Horse Fever public art project was created in 2001 by Marion Cultural Alliance with help from the Florida Thoroughbred Breeders’ and Owners’ Association. The Horse Fever herd has stood as a testament to the unification of culture and community. Early support for the project resulted in 53 artists’ designs for the hand-painted horses. The herd was displayed throughout the Ocala area. Furthermore, the popularity of Horse Fever has produced unique memorabilia such as posters, mugs, a commemorative book and miniature statues. All of which are available for purchase at the Brick City Center for the Arts, home of Marion Cultural Alliance. In 2005, MCA created a traveling herd of horses, dubbed Horse Fever in Motion. Then in 2011, to commemorate the Horse Fever 10th year anniversary, MCA created a new herd featuring 31 new artists’ designs. These horses have traveled to events all over Ocala and are deeply cherished by our community.

Look Who’s In The Winner’s Circle!

Cone Distributing, Inc.
Douglas Cone, Jr. President/CEO
Showcase Properties of Central Florida
Valerie Dailey, Owner/Broker
On Top of the World Communities, LLC
The David & Lisa Midgett Foundation
CenterState Bank
Rusty Branson, Community President
The Syndicate
Ocala Magazine
Philip Glassman
Friends of the
Rotary Sportplex

Thank You HF 20/20 Sponsors

Finish Line $10,000 +

Clubhouse $5,000-$9,999

Masonry Logo

Grandstand – $2,500-$4,900


Show Ring – $1,000-$2,499

Infield – $500-$999

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