In The Gallery…

June Exhibit


by David D’Alessandris



Exhibit Dates: June 2 – July 8, 2023


May Exhibit

“Ocala: The Art of Community”



Exhibit Dates: May 5 – May 27, 2023


April Exhibit




Exhibit Dates: April 7 – April 29, 2023


March Exhibit


by Lisa Russo



Exhibit Dates: March 3- March 25, 2023


February Exhibit


by Ocala Art Group


Exhibit Dates: Feb. 18- Feb. 25, 2023


February Exhibit

“A Love Story”

by Ro Martinez


Exhibit Dates: Feb. 3- Feb. 12, 2023


January Exhibit

“Couch Sessions Exhibit”


Exhibit Dates: Jan. 6- Jan. 28, 2023


Past Exhibits

2022 Exhibits

December Exhibit

“MCA Art Collective”


Exhibit Dates: Dec. 2- Dec. 31, 2022


November Exhibit

“Block pARTy”


Exhibit Dates: Nov. 4- Nov. 26, 2022


October Exhibit

4th Annual ‘Best of the Best’ Art Exhibit and Competition “Through the Looking Glass”


Exhibit Dates: Oct. 7- Oct. 29, 2022


September Exhibit

“Hispanic Heritage Art Exhibit”


Exhibit Dates: Sept. 2- Oct. 1, 2022


August Exhibit

“Art of Aging: The Secret of Life”

MCA Members Exhibit


Exhibit Dates: August 5-27, 2022


July Pop-Up Exhibit

“Glimpses of India”

by Dr. Sheni Meghani


Exhibit Dates: July 1-9, 2022


June Exhibit

“Music Moves Marion”

MCA Members Exhibit


Exhibit Dates: June 3-25, 2022


May Exhibit


MCA Members Exhibit


Exhibit Dates: May 6-28, 2022


April Exhibit

“Mixed Messages”

by Esta Mann & Rich Schleicher


Exhibit Dates: March 1-30, 2022


March Exhibit

“Field Concert”

A One-Woman Solo Exhibit by Kay Deuben

Exhibit Dates: March 4 – 26, 2022

February Exhibit

“Stroke of Genius: Inspired by the Masters”

A Group Exhibit by Ocala Art Group Artist Members

Exhibit Dates: February 4 – 26, 2022

January Exhibit

“Horses With Long Legs”

A One-Woman Solo Show by Cara Van Leuven

Exhibit Dates: January 3 – 30, 2022

2021 Exhibits

Exhibit Dates: December 3 – 30, 2021

December Exhibit


A Photographic Exploration by Dan McCarthy

November Exhibit

“Converging Community & Culture”

An Art Exhibit Celebrating Afro-American & Latinx Artists in the Ocala/Metro Community

Exhibit Dates: November 5 – 27, 2021

October Exhibit

“Nature in the Balance: Exploring Flora & Fauna of Florida & South America”

Featuring Photography by Jim Valentine and visionary artworks by Peruvian students of Pablo Amaringo

Guest Curator: Dr. Scott Olsen

Exhibit Dates: October 1 through October 30, 2021

September Exhibit

“Inspired By…”

MCA’s 3rd Annual ‘Best of the Best’ Juried Art Exhibit & Competition

Sponsored by: The David & Lisa Midgett Foundation

Exhibit Dates: September 3 through September 25, 2021

August Exhibit

“Creature Feature”

An Animal Art Exhibit by MCA Artist Members

Sponsored by: The Red Fern Pet Lodge

Exhibit Dates: August 6 through August 28, 2021

July Exhibit

“Seeing Peacocks Through My Eyes”

An Immersive Experience Into Indian Culture by Dr. Sheni Meghani

Sponsored by: Cardiovascular Institute of Central Florida

Exhibit Dates: July 1 through July 12, 2021

June Exhibit

“Art in Bloom”

Featuring artwork by MCA Artist Members

Sponsored by: Agapanthus – Ocala

Exhibit Dates: June 4 through June 26, 2021

May Exhibit

“Art of Aging: Resurgence”

Featuring artwork by MCA Senior Artists

Exhibit Dates: May 7 through May 29, 2021

April Exhibit

“Now and Then”

Featuring artwork by Ocala Art Group members

Exhibit Dates: April 2 through May 1, 2021

March Exhibit

“Monochromatic March”

Featuring artwork by MCA Artist Members

Exhibit Dates: March 5 through March 27, 2021

February Exhibit

“Equine Art Exhibit”

Featuring the art of Michael Brennan

Exhibit Dates: February 4 through February 27, 2021

January Exhibit

“Nature’s Beauty”

A Collaborative Exhibit featuring Paintings by Jillian Ramsammy and Photography by Saul Reyes

Exhibit Dates: January 8 through January 30, 2021

2020 Exhibits

December Exhibit

“Explosion of the Flamboyans”

A One-Woman Art Show by Alma Lugo

Exhibit Dates: December 4, 2020 through January 2, 2021

November Exhibit

“Paint What You Love”

A Student Art Exhibit

Exhibit Dates: November 6 through November 28, 2020

October Exhibit


A Collaborative Art Show by Fine Arts by Ocala (FAFO)

Exhibit Dates: October 2 through October 31, 2020

September Exhibit

Pleasures 2.0

MCA’s Annual Fine Arts Exhibit & Competition

Exhibit Dates: September 4 through September 26, 2020

August Exhibit

The Art of Purpose

An applied arts exhibit

Exhibit Dates: August 7 through August 29, 2020

July Exhibit

Ocklawaha: Wild and Endangered River

A mixed-media art exhibit

Opening Reception: July 2, 2020 | 10am – 7pm


Exhibit Dates: July 2 through July 18, 2020

May-June Exhibit

The New Normal

Featuring new, never before shown art by selected MCA artist members.

Opening Reception: June 5, 2020 | 5-6 pm


Exhibit Dates: May 20 – June 27, 2020

March Exhibit

Roadside Attractions

(Now extended through May 2020)


Featuring the work of Carol Basso & Esta Mann

Opening Reception: March 6, 2020 5-6:30 PM


Exhibit Dates: March 6 – May 2, 2020

February Exhibit

Artistic Interpretations of the Written Word


Featuring the work of Artist – Alley members

Opening Reception: February 7, 2020 5-6 PM


Exhibit Dates: February 7 – 29, 2020

January Exhibit

Alan Abele Photography


by Alan Abele


Opening Reception: Friday, January 3 | 5 – 6pm.

Exhibit Dates: January 3 through February 1, 2020


Our January exhibit features the photographic work of local artist, Alan Abele. This Dunnellon photographer combines infinite patience with natural light to create breathtaking works of art while still dominating film photography. To Alan Abele, owner of Fine Arts Photography in Dunnellon, getting the perfect photograph requires several elements: careful preparation, tremendous and sometimes perilous physical effort, mental perseverance and a touch of the supernatural.


Click to read a January article from Ocala Style Magazine: Alan Abele Photography Exhibit: Two Firsts


Click to read a October article from Ocala Style Magazine featuring Alan Abele: The Purist

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