“Best of the Best”


The Best of the Best exhibit features the work of MCA Member Artists. With its variety of mediums, it is always popular with our local and out-of-town visitors. You will not want to miss our last member show of the year!

Opening Reception: October 4, 2019 5-6 PM


Exhibit through October 26, 2019

Natural Wonders & Celestial Impressions


A Solo Exhibit by Pine Needle Artist, Carol Pardell

Opening Reception: November 1, 2019 5-6 PM


Exhibit through November 30, 2019

Night Swim


Derek Grimsley


Evening With / Night Light

Playing on light and color when the sun has set. Different locals and how color and light movement bring electric life through the dark. From an evening dinner party at Mercer House, and the bustle of New York to romantic fireworks over the Magic Kingdom, we experience illuminated beauty everywhere we go. These are a few accounts.  

Opening Reception: December 6, 2019 5-6 PM


Exhibit through December 28, 2019