Project Budget Form

This form can be used to submit your initial application budget and any subsequent budget revisions.


*Note: MCA Cultural Arts Grant can be used for up to 50% of the program/project cost.


  • All costs included in this budget, whether paid for with MCA Cultural Arts Grant funds or your cost share, must be directly allocable to the project activity, allowable, and adequately documented. Actual, allowable expenditures must be reported on all payment requests and financial reports.


  • Only included costs expected to be incurred within the period of performance, which can begin no earlier than the earliest allowable start date noted in the guidelines for this MCA Cultural Arts Grant funding opportunity. Costs such as salaries, wages, fringe benefits, and administrative overhead may need to be pro-rated to reflect this period.


  • Provide a detailed breakdown of any large line items.


  • For equipment, clearly note items to be rented or leased versus those to be purchased.


  • Do not included unallowable costs such as receptions/parties, alcoholic beverages, cash prizes, construction or miscellaneous. (See detailed list in the guidelines)


  • This budget cannot include overlapping project costs with any other MCA Grant award.

  • Applicant:

  • Identify the person who has the legal authority to approve this budget on behalf of your organization.
  • Identify the person who can answer specific questions about this project.
  • Title/Type of personnel# of personnelAnnual salary/range% of time allocatedAmount 
    Include salaried employees, Pro-rate salaries to reflect only those incurred within the period of performance. (List artists, consultants, and contractors under Other Costs)
  • Include all other direct project costs here, such as artists or consultant fees, marketing/promotion, supplies and materials, publications, distribution, access accommodations such as sign language interpretation or braille (no construction/renovation costs), shipping/cartage, rental of venues or equipment etc. If you are not claiming indirect Costs below, you may also include a pro-rated portion of administrative overhead.
  • (Total Salaries, Wages + Total Other COSTS
  • SourceAmount 
    Organization Share: Cash. Include your organization's contributions, cash donations, non-federal grants, and revenues such as ticket income or tuition fees. Federal funds subgranted from a state arts agency, regional arts organization, or local arts agency cannot be used as match.
  • Include goods or services provided by individuals.entities outside of your organization (third-party contributions). All items listed here must correspond directly to a project cost line item to determine allowability.