Korzenny Grant for Arts Educators

Enhancing the Work of Arts Educators

About the Korzenny Grant for Arts Educators


MCA established The Korzenny Art Fund to support small grant requests by individual arts K-12 educators in Ocala, Marion County. The spirit of this fund is to encourage arts educators who are developing artists and art education for the future.


These grants were inspired by Drs. Betty Ann and Felipe Korzenny. Their legacy of leadership and ardent support of the arts and arts educators is the foundation for these grants. The funds will be dispersed until exhausted, and the fund may be continued with additional funding at a later date. Drs. Korzenny will be recognized for their support of improvements to arts education.


The Korzenny Grants for Arts Educators are used to enhance an individual K – 12 arts educator’s ability to work and support their students’ artistic talents.


A review committee will be made up of MCA members. They will convene to consider applications and release funds to those deemed appropriate to the purpose of the grant.


Request may be submitted for up to $1,000 and may be submitted online at any time.

Grants Awarded by the Korzenny Grant for Arts Educators


    • Art Class Supplies for Low Income Children. Art class is themed around a subject, for example, “Hands are Not for Hitting” Discussions and books complement the art classes

Melissa Castro, Community Facilitator Ocala Family Resource Center, a program of Kid’s Central


    • Ukeles—Introduction to Culture through Music Instruction Using Ukeles

Laurie Rangel, Anthony Elementary Music Teacher

The value of art goes far beyond helping children develop their skills with painting, drawing or sculpture. As kids learn to be artists, they are developing life skills that will help prepare them for their future.


Whether they become professional artists or not, just like in a story, art is more powerful when viewers feel that they connect with the people and concepts within it.


Young children are natural storytellers and art gives them a platform of telling a story without using words. As students become older they can discover and grow art as a way to share their own story and develop their own lexicon that maybe only they understand completely. It can be liberating and exciting for a child to feel as if they have their own secret non-verbal language to express creativity.


As an Arts Educator to at-risk children living in impoverished areas within Marion County, I was delighted to have been awarded this grant. With the Four Friends Grant award, funded through the Korzenny’s, and directed through my partnership with Marion Cultural Alliance I was able to purchase valuable art supplies to use in the monthly art class. These supplies will allow the children, some of whom have been traumatized through abuse or neglect, a chance to learn how to utilize various mediums such as chalk, charcoal, crayon, graphite, and acrylics.


These children look forward to this class every month because it gives them an outlet and allows them to create hopes and dreams and express themselves through the paths of their imagination with a paintbrush, graphite pencil, clay, scissors, glue and paper. Thank you for your generous part in these moments.


~ Melissa Castro, Resource Center, Kids Central

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